Note: These tips are primarily focused on email. Please feel free to add additional resources by clicking on "Edit This Page" above.

Tips for Sending Email

1. Address email carefully and appropriately. (To, Cc, Bcc)
2. Use a meaningful subject line.
3. Be concise and to the point (without being terse).
4. Use standard, grammar, punctuation, and capitalization.
5. Choose an appropriate salutation and signature.
6. Keep formatting to a minimum. (rich text and html)
7. Attach (only) necessary files.
8. Read (and proof) the email before you send it.
9. Remember there is no such thing as a private email.
10. Recognize when not to send the email.

Tips for Replying To and Forwarding Email

1. Reply to all with care.
2. Forward with care.
3. Forward or copy content only with permission.
4. Respect other people's privacy.
5. Avoid flames (verbal attacks in electronic form).

General Tips

1. Remember the human.
2. Avoid using email to communicate sensitive topics.
3. Behave online as you would offline.
4. Make yourself look good online.
5. Share expert knowledge.